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Winnow transforms kitchens into intelligent operations for a better tomorrow. For the first time, you can see exactly where and how your kitchen wastes food. I worked on the Experience, Motion and Industrial Design of the device on the the team including Robert James Powell, Bradie Tippetts, Jen Heazlewood and Rob Northam. 


Like you, we share a love for food. And respect the time, dedication and craft it takes to turn raw produce into a delicious dish. Yet up to 20% of food in commercial kitchens never gets eaten. We believe food is too valuable to go to waste. We’re working with chefs to change people’s attitudes to food.


Winnow provides a huge amount of data, however one of the biggest challenges was delivering this in a human, simple and powerful way. We created a visual language for the data visualisations across key touch points, so chefs, operations and management are able to find the right information quickly an efficiently.   


One of the most important aspects of Winnow was the physical device, and having a strong presence in the kitchen. We worked seamlessly to combine, the brand, strategy, interaction and industrial design to create the best experience for chefs.