Food waste is becoming a huge problem with 1/3 of food grown never eaten. Winnow is a digital ecosystem of products that allows chefs to see exactly where and how their kitchens waste food. I worked with Winnow on part of the 2017 IOT ventures program at R/GA. Winnow recently raised $7.4m growth capital to scale up global fight against food waste. I worked on the Experience, Motion and Industrial Design of the device on the team including Robert James Powell, Bradie Tippetts, Jen Heazlewood and Rob Northam. 

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One of the problems we identified early on was a disconnect between Winnow's mission and brand. After exploring multiple options, we designed a system that quanitified data through the value of food. We used generous radiuses and rounded corners in both the logo and i industrial design of the product.

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Winnow provides a huge amount of data, however one of the biggest challenges was delivering this in a human, simple and powerful way. We created a visual language for the data visualisations across key touch points, so chefs, operations and management are able to find the right information quickly an efficiently.   

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One of the biggest issues Winnow faced was connectivity between the scales and the tablet. We came up with a more integrated solution that combined the digital and physical design, whilst having a strong presence in the kitchen. We worked seamlessly between visual, industrial design, strategy and copy to create the best experience for chefs.

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