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Redefining the way we make phone calls, Voice looked at making it easier to find out who's calling, as well as intelligent reminders and suggestions, based on availability and usage. I lead Experience Design on the the team including Annamaria Zollet, Daniel Nieuwenhuizen, Rob Voets and Ed Santana. 


Voice was replacing the native dialer on Turkcell Devices with the idea of powering up your Voice Calls. Not only does Voice provide information such as who is calling, but also made it easier to quickly speak to those who matter the most.

Voice Overview.png

We also made it easier to share media within a call. This enabled users to quickly take photos of where they are as well as being able to share a location, and make it easier to meet your friends. Making group calls could also not be easier.


We spent a lot of time crafting a unique experience, that stood out amongst a crowded market place of calling apps. We looked at unique interactions and animations as well as illustrations to introduce new and unique features.