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Bip Messenger

Bip is a trusted messaging platform that connects people, brands and Turkcell customer services. BiP tasked us with the simple goal of of making 20 million users by 2018. BiP was designed with the key design pillars Smart, Expressive and Playful. I lead the Experience Design as part of the team including Zoha Zoya, Simone Cucchi, Lisa Leung, Rob Voets and Henrike Feckenstedt. 

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Bip is designed to express yourself in a new way with fun gestures and interactions routed in Turkish Culture. Share stickers, photos, videos and even reactions in a more expressive, human way. We removed any technology barriers and facilitated real life interactions within the app.

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Since we were introducing many new features in the app, the onboarding was really important to both new and existing Bip users. We wanted to create a friendly illustration style which we animated using After Effects, which was exported to code using Lottie. This brought the screens to life and significantly increased the uptake in new features.

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